“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”

- George S. Patton


Why Unify the USA?

BS Politicians and Political Parties:  Do most politicians merely spout scripted party-line talking points?  They don’t seem to read the bills they vote on nor do they seem to have a clue about what it means? Do they live in the real world?  As long as the donors are happy, they just keep coming back . . . like a horror film menace.

Skewed media: Do you find most common news sources as politically skewed? Do they provide what you need to know in a truly balanced manner? Is everything “breaking news”?  The media seems to spend the majority of their time interviewing politicians to aid in distributing garbage.

Angry citizens:  Anyone notice how many annoyed, frustrated or just plain angry citizens there are out there?  How many are frustrated with the politics and status of the USA? Are you one of them?

Why “bullshit”? It seemed that nothing short of an expletive could capture the anger, frustration and severity of the division.  Plus, similar terms have become part of the political dialogue.  Finally, who the heck would listen to calm dialogue when the traditional political discussions are ON FIRE!

Our country needs to stop embracing the political drama and get down to solving issues.

What is Unify the USA doing to help the country get to a better place?

Unify the USA is working on finding a solution. Unify the USA has been researching the phenomenon of American division in the 21st  Century.  More than that, we have been engaging with everyday Americans to understand the mosaic that is America. This research will continue and will culminate in a playbook for how we can return to constructive dialogue leading to solutions to critical issues challenging American exceptionalism.

How can you help?  Unify the USA is seeking perspectives of Americans from all walks of life.  Help us define what it means to be an American.  Like. Follow and post to our social media sites.  Participate in surveys and focus groups to present viewpoints on critical issues.  If you are a subject matter expert on a relevant topic, allow us to interview you.

The Common Thread Blog: analysis and commentary meant to expose BS.

Ultimately, we cut through the BS to find American-made perspectives on key political issues: simple & direct so you can participate in the political process, but still do your day job.

What is the Goal of Unify the USA?

Make the USA a more perfect union by enabling a dialogue which overcomes negative tribal instincts and finds common ground leading to reasonable compromise based on truth and logic.  Let’s define the tribe as Americans, not red or blue, left or right . . . and maybe we can have a laugh along the way.

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