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Welcome to Unify the USA’s “Common Thread” blog

Unify The USA

Welcome to Unify the USA's "Common Thread" blog.  If you are frustrated with the status of the country, particularly the political dialogue and the inability of our elected officials to get anything done, you have come to the right place.  We intend to respectfully call "bullshit" wherever it is found and drive a lively discussion toward solutions to the problems our country faces today.  The system has gotten away from us: the extremists control the dialogue and the open market of social media has increased the bias towards far right and far left perspectives, and often leave the truth behind.  Forget party, right wing/left wing, conservative/liberal. Embrace a logical path towards beneficial policies and solutions. Be willing to listen, learn, change your mind, and compromise on details, but lets first agree on the rational path . . .and perhaps most important, please bring a sense of humor and proper respect for sarcasm.  Regular blogging starts June 1st. Talk to you soon.

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